Monday, January 28, 2013

New purchases + Etude's OR205 review!

I went to pick my glasses last week end~
Trade my RayBan frame into Tommy Hilfiger's. 

Bigger than before, lol. But I like big frame because it's comfortable to wear. I wanted round glasses since 2 years but I tried it and the frame is a bit small, and it would be.. 'too much' to wear it in dailylife. T_T

It's brown and purple on the side even if we can't see it very well.

I was wearing my deer necklace <3 Lub it very much!

 Bought a lipstick from the collection Dear My from Etude House, tbh i didn't wanted to buy a lipstick because i rarely would use one but it was immediatly available (Mem's shop again, on FB!)
 I was like "Why not.." I wanted a orange lipwear for so long!
The packaging is so cute!

(No, i didn't took it because it was Taemin's color, I swear! è_è)

Without any lipwear

With OR205

I like the color a lot because it's not too orange, it's almost natural! *clap clap*

But the texture is different from an usual lipstick, it's like there is lip balm include and I think it's a bit inconvenient because you may have to apply more than a layer and it may be uneven on your lips!

I don't think I'll buy another lipstick from Etude because i don't like this kind of texture, but i'll buy lip tint or else.

And new alarm clock~ I feel like I have so much KayryxMame at home! 
Socks, strap, alarm clock, stickers..

Thursday, January 24, 2013

プリリン マスコツトつき!!

My friend wanted to drink a japanese lemonade, so i was like "Ok, let's grab it at a store I know.".
But once there, i was like "Uhmm.. Let's drop by the library first, 'kay?"

Guess what? Spent all my money there, well, 80% of my money then I spent my 2 last euros into a Banana milk and a Chocolate nama daifuku.... Whatever...

A Puririn strap with the Nodame Cantabile 18!!! Awww!! Only bought it for the strap, i don't even read japanese (at least, only few words)
I still want a lot of things from here but i didn't brought enough money with me coz i didn't plan to buy something. è_è

Ace Mart are selling Banana Milk again!! + McDonald are doing banana frappés!!
I'm very happy. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

You're my first bubble tea~

One of my aim for 2013: Drink the first bubble tea of my life. 
(Well, actually, 2 years ago, a friend bought a green apple flavor bubble tea and let me have the first sip. so it's not really my first bubble tea.)

Conference again, near to the asian district in Paris. We were supposed to go together with our teacher but he let us go by our own then eat our lunch and so on.. 
The first thing we did, manga/kpop goodies store then bought our first bubble tea!

I got myself a taro bubble tea. Verdict: OMFG, too sweet. Few sips later, i noticed that.. THERE ARE NOT ANY TAPIOCA! WTF? Paid 4.90€, most expensive beverage i ever had behind Starbucks coffee.. Erf.. 
And, bitch please, brown taro, seriously? Isn't taro supposed to be purple? =_='
Since i saw born, i still haven't saw any brown taro until today...

My friend didn't fot any tapioca too, but 不死心! She were like "After the conference, i'm gonna buy another one in another store! I want my tapioca!"
And i was like "C'mon, you can buy it the next time."

(Well at the end, we had so much difficulty to drink that we didn't went to get another one. lol)

After the conference ended, i didn't want to go back home so i went to a korean/japanese convenient store i'm used to go and i saw... 
One Piece Chocochip choco cookies~ Awwwww!!!
(Just saying, each time i'm eating Korean choco, i feel like it's some.. fake choco.. It's different from french choco, really...)

There is a sticker inside~ I got DOC Q, erf, i'm gonna to buy another one next time! 
I want to get Chopper or Luffy! >_<

Last week i bought something from Ralph Lauren, i posted on my yaplog and fb, but didn't let anybody see my purchase.
I'm wearing it today~

(Dirty mirror, blurry picture, urgh. Sorry.)

T-shirt from Ralph Lauren
Pants .. Offbrand? but indeed vintage

I was used to wear this kind of outfit when i was in middle school because i loved uniform sooo much, but.. french don't have any uniform. So when i saw the crest i was like "OMG, must have it, love the crest!!!!" lol

Thursday, January 17, 2013

-6°c - Paris

Today was soooo cold in Paris; there were a conference with Philippe Aghion, a teacher at Harvard. The last conference, our teacher told us to dress smart, so i thought, even if it's super cold, we can't dress too lame. 
I didn't did it on purpose but i wore the same cardigan at the last conference. LOL

Outfit of today and my heattech t-shirt from Uniqlo, hide inside. mwahaha.

My friend make fun of my necklace and told me: "It look like you own the planet." LOL

And if you want to see my old outfit for the first "Les économiques" conference, here you go:
(Test at home)
(It was chilly so i wore a cardigan while i went at school. 
This is my school 4th floor bathroom btw.)

 Anyways, it's so cold outside! I was such a lazy ass i didn't put any cream and my hands are pink/red right now and hurt me coz of the cold. So i'm putting 3-4 layers of cream la!

Out of topic, i bought Banana/Goyava yogurt at my noon break, it's yummy~~~

They don't sell banana milk in France, such a pity! I found it once at a japanese/korean covenient store near to Opéra/Pyramide but they don't sell it anymore. Urgh. T^T 

(Also drank it once, loooong ago, i don't even remember when i found it, so precious! But anyway, the one i bought at the convenient store had palm oil inside and it's not very good for health so.. 
I don't really mind that i can't drink some anymore, lol.)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


SALES ~ Not so happy though. Why? ->
- Average of my class : 25/100 at the last maths test, true story. Myself, i got a RIDICULOUS mark, i don't even want to say how much i got. Functions.. It'll be our death..

- I got a lot of cavities, and I'm so going to cry. I don't even eat sweets or drink sweet beverage etc..
(My friends are stuffing sweets 24h a day and have no cavity or only 1-2.)

- While sleeping, i hurt my back, i can hardly move now.. WTF?

and so on.... You got it, lot of troubles...

Anyways, i still went to shopping a little and bought few items:

Today's outfit, it's so cold in Paris~~ TT_TT

Offbrand demin shirt
Pullover - Liz Lisa
Jeans - Uniqlo
Necklace - H&M
Black beanie - Zipia (korean brand)
Silver Creepers - New Look

Friday, January 4, 2013

CM902 - World Brown CL review

Few weeks ago i got my new Circle Lenses I bought from Mem's Shop , they're the same that Amiaya are wearing sometimes. As usual, thanks to Delphine, she's a lovely seller.

They're from the brand GEO.
Diameter: 14.0 mm, they looks natural.
How comfortable? 5/5

 Left : without lens (and without make-up, lol)  - Right : With lens

(Pssss, you've got the link of my Weibo just under!)

Others pictures.
They're very comfortable, like every pair from GEO. 
I love them a lot even if i think that they looks better on Amiaya than me. haha

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bye bye 2012, hello 2013!

Happy New Year everyone~ How was your new year eve?
I went to cinema with my best friend to see The Hobbit, it's a great movie! I don't know how long is the movie actually but we feel like we spent almost 3 hours to watch it! o_o

It wasn't so cold, i went out with my outfit but ending put it in my bag. haha
- T-shirt DIVIDED - H&M
- Demin shirt - offbrand
- Simple baggy pants - Zipia
- Black beanie - Zipia
- Sneakers NEO Adidas
- Cosmopolitan bag

The only thing i bought is JILLE december because there is a make-up bag Tsumori Chisato AND .. SHINee Talk 2 You ~ *o*