Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Blue & Red

Since I  knew Marc Jacobs would design Diet Coke bottles, I ran to buy them!
Lucky, there were the three design! ♥

I think my favorite must be the first one! keke

Today's outfit:

(Sorry, my cousin who's 7 years old took it for me. XD But she still did a great job!)

Washed demin shirt from Pull&Bear
Skinny jeans from Stradivarius
Cardigan from Autreton
Spikes bracelet from New Look

Changed my wallpaper before going back to class! 
Alice and the Pirates print (it's a screen shot I took long ago) & Luhan ♥

He look flawless and he's so handsome/cute/pretty/or whatever you want~
Ok, it have been photoshoped by idon'tknowwho, but still, he's flawless! è_è

And nail art inspi Daisy by Marc Jacobs!

Main colors for today is Blue & Red! ;)

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