Thursday, May 30, 2013

Back to the basic

Today I got two packages in the the time! My Liz Lisa shorts and a Chocomint spider ring! 

Well, actually I'm super afrais of insects, spiders IRL but I love them for outfit, acessories etc.. It's perfect for the creepy/cute style which I like a lot! And also can be used for Halloween! haha
(I'm afraid that my mom would throw it out thinking that's a real one in a rush, lol.)

Today's outfit~ Actually it's a very very old outfit I already made .. 2 years ago. It's a tank top, a quite baggy one so it would look like sport jersey. And a zebra print pants, which is one of my favorite! 

But somehow it's too large for me now... D:

(And I took 2,5kg, didn't lost any weight or anything, wtf..)

Anyways, still 2-3 upcoming exams and I'll be fine (or not if I happen to have to repeat a year..) then in.. 2 weeks every little french student in high school would have their graduation exams~ Including me..

Really love it even though I'm not in fond of the intro thingy.

Monday, May 27, 2013

'XOXO (Kiss&Hug)' Highlight Medley (Chinese ver.)

Need to share~ I love most of the songs except the Wolf, I'm not in fond of it, the lyrics are kinda strange.. o_o ("你是美丽我是狼" ... Yeah, ok... ) Still waiting for the full ver. of it! è_è

Which version are you going to buy?? ^^ 
(I'll go for the EXO M version I guess.. I wanted the 2 but ewww.. the wallet doen't agree with me..)

Crappy draw with a frixion, I'm sorry for you YiXing.. 

Besides it, well I received a lot of packages and I ordered some acessories for Doll (Kuroshitsuji) cosplay, abzeufe.. I wanted to do this cosplay for so long, I gave up because the infite like rose on her head and some hidden underneath the skirt but.. argh, I love this character sooooo muucccchhh. ♥

Friday, May 24, 2013

Petit BB by Holika Holika + Tony Moly Cutie Beauty - Comparaison review!

I haven't did anything interesting so let's do a review!Ok, this is my favorite BB! 

My first BB cream was Tony Moly, Cutie beauty in Tomboy Chris.

My only problem with Tony Moly Cutie Beauty BB cream is probably because it's hard to squeeze the cream out. And once you succeded... Zbam, squeeze too hard? Ripped!
I had enough of how hard I had to squeeze it to get the right amount of cream that when I saw another one, I bought a new one! 

This one is.. Petit BB from Holika Holika!

I took this pic minutes ago, look at this! Absolutely cream, easy to squeeze, it smell good... Coverage is good too! Can I claim this as the cheapest and best BB cream ever? No? Ok.
Let's compare!
T.M BB cream is blue
 Holika is green
SPF36, PA++ > SPF30 PA++ 
$15 (on Yes Style) > $8 ( On Cosmetic Love)
30g = 30ml
Easiest to squeeze out (lol) : Petit BB !
4,5/5 for Tony Moly - Cutie Beauty
5/5 for Holika Holika - Petit BB
Ok, beside the bottle problem, it's not so so different! Maybe except the price but, I got my Tony Moly for .. something around 11€ & my Holika Holika for 8€. Both were bought by my friends, so I guess they both too some small little fees or else. 

Uhm, how I look like without/with?

Without anything (only eyeliner, lol):

With TonyMoly Cutie Beauty 

With Holika Holika Petit BB

Only difference must be that Holika Holika make your skin more smooth, the coverage are approximately the same.
 I hope this helped you to do your choice on a great bb cream! 
I told a friend who's only buying french branded bb cream to give a try for Tony Moly, even sent her the link, made her try mine. And since it was cheap she order 1 Holika + 1 Skin Food and... She tried  Holika first, came to high school with it, stole by someone without few a hours! Only Skin Food left! She came to me and told me "Urgh, someone stole it so I have to use Skin Food's one, I prefer Holika coz the coverage is much better!".

Ok, now, can I claim it as the best bb cream ever?! (And maybe the cheapest too? No?)

And, please, I'm a little tan but not yellowish/green, it's just because of my crappy camera!
That's it~ I'm gonna to have a oral exam + 2 little tests so I'm gonna revise now!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Old things are the best

When it comes to clothes or objets, of course old things are the best! 
It's another story for TV or others softwares, lol.

One of our old camera, my aunt told me we have more and she would bring me the others!
I want to sell them but they don't worth a lot, that's a shame, it should work but I don't have the film to try.
(Picture come from my Weibo)

I also bought some second-hand clothes, not really my size but I just have to sew it a little and so on.. 
I absolutely love them! The floral top goes well with a mori inspired outfit!
Plus, I got them for very very cheap, it's a good deal!! (~ $10)

Did you know that the skeleton glows in the dark?? Totally awesome!!

A simple mesh top, it goes well with a tank top beneath! :) 
I don't really wear it a lot though. 

Besides I used all my money, school will start soon.. T_T That's it.
2 more months, exams exams exams.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"Love You"

Previously bought the Crazy Color dye but lack in bleach and guess what? Went to the mall and saw a pack of bleach~~ Overflow of hapiness. LOL 
(Actually I saw in another supermarket "30€ for a pack" and I was like "WTF? A bow is 10-11€ worth, why people whould buy a pack for 30€ if they can have it for 20-22€? Logic? None.")

I'll wait to do all the things, upcoming exams and maybe they'll gimme a bad mark because they don't like my appearance.

Today's outfit~
Nothing to say, except I felt asleep few min ago and have a short weird dream, and wake up. Almost fall down.. Uhm.. Ok... lol

Top - Offbrand
Shorts - CAROLL 
Sneakers - CONVERSE
Ring - fan goodies lol ( EXO-M - FROM EXO PLANET)

Monday, May 6, 2013


Saw that L'avant Gardiste open a store for 2 months in Paris, rushed to buy some things. 

Bought my first bottle of Crazy Color in Platinum. New nail art~

" ありがとう " 3D rubber! Isn't it cute, is it? Bought it for a classmates/friend, she told me once she's collecting rubber, one more for her collection!
(Actually I removed the price and it's all sticky, lol)

Tank top - UniqloxVena Cava
Short - Caroll (an old old one)
Cap - Offbrand? (japanese brand or whatever)

It's still May 6th in France so.. Happy Birthday to our Baekhyun (EXO) !
I hope you had a nice day! 
I already know you got nice presents, lol. (Especially a massage chair or something like that, wtf. Do them even have enough place for all those things? o_o I was joking and said "It's not like in Harry Potter, you can stock a lot of thing in a small place"

Yes, I'm a Potterhead. Btw, Slytherins are in last place.. TT_TT I'm a shit in Potion so I can't help. Lost all the pride of being a slytherin! Just joking. We are the best!)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

One colorful day

My lastest purchases! One of my favorite clothes are socks! I love them! 
I love Tutuanna* socks and I always wanted to try transparents socks. 

Outfit of the day.
I wanted to try something colorful and came up with this combination, earring are "handmade" I just used the keychain part of the plush to make it, haha.

Top - RTBU
Bloomer - Banana Fish
Earing - Handmade
Shoes - New Look

Wearing Mizunderstood Création brain ring and Funny Jewels octopus ring!

Made a cover for it.. LOL Too much expensive to ruin it too fast! (10€50 for 114pages) 
 If I didn't have to get it for school I wouldn't buy it! It's a crazy theater play and it doesn't even make sense! C'mon...

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Like a tourist - May 1st

One of my favorite place is Le pont des Arts, because .. Idk, it's quite, there's barely people during morning.

Top - Banana Fish
Maxi dress - off brand second hand
Sneakers - Converse
Bag - Cosmopolitan

We went to Opéra, and they were holding some.. event? 
Then we went to eat our brunch then our meal. lol 

The best friend is having a punk pose and I was like "What are you doing? =_= ' "
She was like "I'm not going to sit there.."  Whatever...

Took a photo for a couple and they asked us if we also wanted a pic, of course we didn't declined!

Before going to Montmatre, I saw Maison Larnicol, a very affordable chocolaterie, I was determined to buy some macarons for the bff when foing down coz she never ate some. 
Even if I have no much money left. haha
But actually, she was taking a lot of chocolate and I was like "Slow down, it gonna be expensive...." ; she told me "It's ok, we're gonna share them." then continue to take a lot. And I didn't wanted her paying for my part too so I took another bag for myself. 
Then, buying macarons, I was like "Go! You can have 6 macarons, I'm paying for it!" And she was like "No!  Forget it, I'm paying for it." And we ended up with 5 macarons, 2 was mine and paid by the bff herself. è_è

Sharing some awesome pièces montées! 

And conclusion after we ate several choco, the Rochers; Olives; Moules; Graines de Café are the best. Forget the rest if you don't want to spend a lot of money like us. lol
(She spent something like 15€ and me 2€80. I took 3 square of choco and 1 rocher, lol)

I bought a lot of things actually, but I'm not sharing the picture because it's for a present. Secret.