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プリリン マスコツトつき!!

My friend wanted to drink a japanese lemonade, so i was like "Ok, let's grab it at a store I know.".
But once there, i was like "Uhmm.. Let's drop by the library first, 'kay?"

Guess what? Spent all my money there, well, 80% of my money then I spent my 2 last euros into a Banana milk and a Chocolate nama daifuku.... Whatever...

A Puririn strap with the Nodame Cantabile 18!!! Awww!! Only bought it for the strap, i don't even read japanese (at least, only few words) I still want a lot of things from here but i didn't brought enough money with me coz i didn't plan to buy something. è_è

Ace Mart are selling Banana Milk again!! + McDonald are doing banana frappés!! = I'm very happy.