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How to cut your fringe yourself? "Famous" male idol fringe inspi

First, I cut my own hair since.. I was on my second grade of middle school because I wanted a fringe and my mom don't wanna me to have one or even bring me to a hairstylist.
I never had the chance to go to a salon, and my mom was the one to cut my hair.

I always loved boys haircuts, especially the bangs! But I never knew how. The first time I tried, OMFG, it was fugly.
Then, months ago, I discoved how to cut and style it like them.

How to have a fringe like this:

It have been cut like this: Very short, a bit longer, a bit longer then before and super long. lol
Longer is you hair, better it will be. 

You don't get it? 
Look at this: 
Don't freak out, it's the same. All you have to do it's to styled it with a straightener.  I can't show you via pictures but I'll give you a easier way! I'm a lazy person who only wake up half an hour before the time to go to school. So I don't have any time to style my hair. 

Before you go to bed, you just have…