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Like slimwalk tights from ZIPIA - review

I'm very complexed about my legs, I'm not very tall, (160cm only) and I'm always telling myself if I can grow up anymore, then I need to loose some weight.
I can't order on internet, except when I know some people who are ordering then I'm telling them to order for me then I'll pay them later. And there were a ZIPIA group order.

So I ordered this pair of tights which are supposed to work like SlimWalk tights.

I was wearing them for the first time and THIS happened:

I was like "WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?"  If you touch them from where there ripped, then it'll be worst. Yeah, TOUCH. =_='
I was like "C'mon, it's one leg." Then I checked my right legs, SAME.  And I was like "R U F*CKING WITH ME?' I paid something like 11€ : THROWED BY THE WINDOWS.

Just, if you have the choice, don't order theses tights from ZIPIA, go pay a bit more and order a pair of SlimWalk from Japan, 'kay? And I was super pissed because I had t…