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Japanese junk food!

Lately I went to my favorite japanese/korean market which is Ace Market ( Rue Saint Augustin, Paris.) and saw that they're selling new things!!! I got myself some strawberry Pocky first even I remember that I hate that but actually it's quite yummy.. lol Meiji Black chocolate which is ... so-so. It don't really have a taste.

Some Matcha Pocky!! It really taste like matcha, lol. It's so-so and very expensive.. x_x $$! (4,80€ for 61g... Here, take my money pwease...)

And now that the whole Pizza Hut shit is over, plus most of the exam are over.  I'm trying to eat more healthy.. My ass. OMG, all the cocktail sauce I put.. Ouch... (I think that I did good, really.. Only didn't did 1 question but I pretty well did... Good God, give me a 11/20 pwease???? I spent so much money of buying books to revise!)

Today I'm wearing ManiaQ top, H&M stripe pants and my old pair of Converse!

N.B: And .. the whole crap happened in SiChuan again.. God, I don't think it'…