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One day London trip!

Beside Japan and Asia, I always wanted to go to London! Sounds fun and chic! So two weeks ago, we booked 4 tickets with iDBUS for London, just a one day trip.
First, buy a travelcard of course! And also take a map to not get lost!

First, visit the Big Ben! Actually I just wrote down some place to visit but neither the station nor the adress, lol. So we just visit by feelings.. wtf.

Time to take a photo! Damn it! Too sunny!  Hey, so near to the London Eye!

Then we just wandered here and there.. Then we took a double decker bus to Kings Cross.

Pff, no Slytherin beside Voldemort!
Hogwarts, wait for me! I'm coming too! Too sad that everything in the store was soooo expensive! TT_TT I really wanted to buy a cardigan or a Quidditch sweater but.. prices! Prices! OMG! Plus, Griffindor was so biased.. Hpmpf-
So I thought that I could study the fantastic beasts first then next year I'm gonna buy my clothes! :p

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