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Master Precise - Gemey Maybelline review

Maybelline launch a eyeliner with a very very fine brush, only 0.4mm ! I'm gonna finish my current 3 dots liner from Holika so I thought that was a nice occasion to buy it!
It's said that this eyeliner: 1- Have a rich color 2 - Is waterproof 3 - A Precise tip 

How fine can you line be! 

Then how about waterproof?
(For the people who's wondering what the fuck is that red line, I was trying my Shion (from NO.6) make up since I'll have a shoot for tomorrow)

Ewww.. Not waterproof at all. I just yawned and tried to get rid of my tears. I didn't even rubbed my eyes, I just slighty pressed my fingers on it.

Overall : 3/5
Indeed the color is very rich and black, must be one of the blackest liner I ever have!  BUT if you're used to line quickly your eyes before going to school or to work or whatever, this liner will be less convenient since the tip is very very precise and fine, it's hard to finish your line in only one go.  So you have to do it many times until you g…