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#2 Mwave order (GOT7 FLY) - Review

It has been 2 years since my last order on Mwave!  This time GOT7 was holding a Meet&Greet for their 5th mini album FLY LOG DEPARTURE. I really love their track FLY so I ordered it. :)

This time I was lucky enough to be selected to receive a special photocard. :)  Mine is Junior's photocard.

Apparently I got Jackson's sign, I feel like I'm reading my doctor's writing so I am in no position to say anything about who's signature it is because I have no idea. :')) haha

Since 2014, Mwave Shop has evolved a lot! Few things I noticed: In 2014: - Free shipping for orders above $35 - Tracking number for $3 - Very long shipping delay (3 months) - Shop offer non-meet&greet products
In 2016: - Free shipping for orders abour $50 - All shipping methods include tracking number ($7-8) - Quick shipping delay (2 weeks) - No more non-meet&greet products
Honestly, I find the prices has gone up quite a lot in the meantime of 2 years.  One album is about $20 so you must …