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TRAVEL: China & Hong Kong

In 21 years, I landed my feet on Asian land for the first time ever!  I went to Shantou, ZhaoAn, ShenZhen, Hong Kong and finally, Beijing. I originally planned to show you my trip through a vlog but due to the lack of footages, I'm just going to share with you guys the pictures I took. :)

#1st stop: Shantou / 汕头 

(inside of the Suning Mall)

(Entrance hall of Golden Gulf Hotel)

#2nd stop: ZhaoAn / 诏安

(Entrance of the temple)

(small peek of the inside, the temple is giant, there is different 'small temple' that were specifically dedicated to some buddhas etc.)

#3rd stop: Hong Kong / 香港

(Harbour City)

#4th stop: Beijing / 北京