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Last haul for 2013

I think I won't buy anymore for this year so I'm doing my haul now. (・ω・)
Well I didn't bought much because I didn't have time to shop since I had a lot of exams etc... Also I'm trying to progess on my cosplay, especially making the 3DMG, so I spent a lot on the furnitures! 

I love fancy socks! I found these at H&M at men's departement! (Specifically at young boy's departement) My beloved Union Jack flag print and a pair of high sport socks!  Both for ~8€
A pair of grey lenses for Levi's cosplay! But too bad, there's too much yellow and on my eyes it don't looks grey so I guess I have to buy another pair...  They're from EOS as you can see on the bottles.

I bought come hair dye for my mom and bought a cream and curler for myself. First time trying W2Beauty and I very satisfied! I received it in only one week or so, it's well wraped, and there's also some samples. Communication is nice too! Alice (not me, lol) was very nice and fri…

「There is no tomorrow」

Aww, I'm so busy and I have nothing interesting to post! So I'm gonna share a vid I'm watching a lot since .. few days ago. It's not very new but it's 「Now」(There is no tomorrow) of Trouble Maker!

To be honest I'm neither a fan of Trouble Maker nor Beast nor 4 Minutes. lol But this time I think the concept is really cool and the outfits!! They are so amazing!

If you watched or if you're gonna watch the Live performance, they're always changing outfit, from the Biker leather jacket, leopard printed vest to the harness dress etc... ((o(*゚▽゚*)o))
It's so inspiring! I always love the tartan check print, leopard print, ripped jeans.. It's always fashionable and never outdated! I'm only talking about the fashion.. lol

Here is a example ( quickly picked on New Look website)

A bi-fabric jacket ( 50€) Velvet dress (now 19€ in sale) Stacks of bracelet (12€) Some straps heels (35€)
122€ worth for the whole, pretty expensive.. lol 

And for the song its…


Quick haul and an outfit.  Few days ago I received a package from Cosmetic Love, I was suprised because I ordered nothing. XD Then I realized that it was what I told my friend to order for me since I couldn't do it. lol

2 products both from Etude House! First is a .. tint? I don't even know how to call it but you can use it as a blush, a tint, eye shadow maybe... It's why it's called All Over Color anyways, haha. Smell so good that I can eat it! *o* yummy~ And a 'mascara for brows'.

Also bought a lipstick, n° 107 - Rimmel.  It's a wine red color, just perfect!

Then today I spent the day with my bff (aka Françoise), who made me a awesome rainbow cake since they didn't bought me a cake for my birthday.  (Well, they did, 2 days later, lol. And we just shared it, end of the story, no party or anything.)

I loved the idea but I not too much on... sweets..   Ate the half and was already doing a overdose of choco and sugar.

Today's oufit was:

Offbrand top C…


I said I wasn't going to post but.. urgh.. the urge to share .. lol So in short, we did a shooting on my birthday (22th october) and well, chose NO.6 because both of us don't really have any pic of it even if we have worn it at Japan Expo etc.. 
I'm not gonna put all the pictures here, for the others: - My World Cosplay - The photographer's FB page
  (Me as Shion)
(Sasha as Nezumi)
TT_TT Such a shame that my make up faded away.. I didn't took any make up with me since at Japan Expo I didn't lost my make so I thought it was gonna be the same but.. oh well... Btw, took my a hard time to climb this sh*t, was wearing my Melissa shoes, which means.. rubber shoes.. And it was extremly slippery. With their help I somehow managed to do it though, lol.

And then.. Happy Ending! haha

Palty - Caramel Brown color hair dye - Review

Before I went to London, I thought that I had to cover the disaster! (aka my blond hair with 20 shades).
Then I thought that was the perfect time to try my Palty hair dye which I bought 3 years ago.. yeah. Unfortunately, I only bought one box because my hair wasn't so long back then.. Anywyas, I tried!

(lol, just like the floor!)

So, the Before with no make up and all.. tralala~~ With a hair color which I call Piss Color.. (Since I watched Sugar sugar Rune .. lol)

With a crappy light, but you can see some shades etc...
And a outdoor picture, lol. While I was in London.
You can tell that it's a way darker but still .. blonde.  Let's say that if you ever tried to cook some caramel, it depend of your hair color and it can vary like Caramel! haha

Overall: 4,5/5 Very hard to apply. the dye kept dropping on the floor, I didn't took a pic but you have to mix everything in the big pipe thing then comb your hair with it then the dye will come out from the little holes. Th…

Master Precise - Gemey Maybelline review

Maybelline launch a eyeliner with a very very fine brush, only 0.4mm ! I'm gonna finish my current 3 dots liner from Holika so I thought that was a nice occasion to buy it!
It's said that this eyeliner: 1- Have a rich color 2 - Is waterproof 3 - A Precise tip 

How fine can you line be! 

Then how about waterproof?
(For the people who's wondering what the fuck is that red line, I was trying my Shion (from NO.6) make up since I'll have a shoot for tomorrow)

Ewww.. Not waterproof at all. I just yawned and tried to get rid of my tears. I didn't even rubbed my eyes, I just slighty pressed my fingers on it.

Overall : 3/5
Indeed the color is very rich and black, must be one of the blackest liner I ever have!  BUT if you're used to line quickly your eyes before going to school or to work or whatever, this liner will be less convenient since the tip is very very precise and fine, it's hard to finish your line in only one go.  So you have to do it many times until you g…

It's cold out there...

awww~~ It's cold in Paris~~TT_TT Especially not cool when you didn't expect the temperature to drop in only one day! (like... 6-7°c?  o_o) It's almost the holidays~ Almost my birthday!
The stubborn me still didn't want to wear some big coat or anything, this is today outfit:

Here I'm wearing the new fluffly cardigan I just received yesterday, I love it but it's loosing its... hair. And also wearing my beloved claddagh ring! Gold plated, I don't know if it's true, lol. 

And I also received a pin from Japan.. Annie Leonhardt official pin. I quite regret it tbh, I paid like 4€ for it and it's very small like 2,2cm*2,2cm? I bidded on it and I didn't look at the price, damn myself! Willing to selling it, so if you're interested, just left a comment! 
OR willing to trade it for a.. Levi one if there's one. 8D Ah, I'm pushing my luck. haha

And next time I'll post something more interesting! I'll try.. You have twitter? Why don'…

DIY : How to make a 'medical' eyepatch

So one of my friend did a request: Do a medical type eyepatch, coz he thrown his old one.
(and now need one for cosplay) Accepted the challenge even though I never try to make one, always thought that you just need few clicks on the web and buy it. 

So all you need is:
● Gauze ● Plaster? (or how do you call it?)

Double the gauze and cut to the size you want. Then place it down on the plaster and approximately cut the plaster for the double of your piece of gauze. (Obviously..) 

Then.. TRAP THE GAUZE INTO IT! lol Make sure to leave some place around it! (~1cm) Then cut the excess!

Then of course you need to place it on your eye so cut some elastic band, make 4 holes and.. well..
So before you'll say it's weird, I let some space but the eyepatch looks different, it's normal because: The eyepatch were a bit too big with the excess, I didn't want to make a new one so I decided to cut down all the excess and make it like her old one, which exactly looks the same. LOL FAILE…

Must watch, what you can't ignore!

I'm writing a late late late post to share 2 videos that I absolutely cannot.. ignore! 
1] This terrific cover of 'This Love' - Shinhwa by a team of cosplayer who are wearing Shingeki No Kyojin kenpeidan outfit! (夜莺军团) Just discovered them few hours ago, went to see their Weibo, apparently they're cosplayer and also a team which is doing bunch of cover.  Ok, I'm only spazzing at this one. lol (Haven't watch the others yet, wait, it's 2am!!)

Watch it here !

2] Well, of course it's the newest make up tutorial Michelle Phan has posted! :D Cara Delevingne's look! Also must learn/watch it! I absolutely love it, I would try it tomorrow if I can! 

YOU HAVE TO WATCH, AT LEAST ONCE!  Especially the cover! If you're a kpop fan or Shingeki No Kyojin fan!

Back to school - I'm a sempai now!

Guess, it feels kinda weird to tell myself  "I'm a senior, I'm a sempai and I have a lot of kouhai!" but it's indeed the true. So first, the outfit! I chose something very simple since I'm already blonde and I don't want to make a fuss or teachers to gossip about how deliquent I look like. (Well, I only care because you never if they want to judge you based on your look cause would be bad, right?)

Look at my hair, it's crazy how long they are now!

Ok, let you peek at my schedule:
 So basically, it's kinda....full. But I don't have so much class until 6pm if it's none.
One fact: I'm very very very sad to "loose" one of my favorite teacher: my english teacher! Not saying that my actual teacher is bad or anything but I'm sitting at the last row. I don't really see so well there and I'm in the corner, ok? The.. mood is really stiff. I hope it's only for the first day, english is one of my favorite subject so I hop…

A tour at Centre Pompidou

I'll be back to school in 2 days so we took this occasion with my friend Françoise to go out one more time~
(But, let's be honnest, she don't give a damn to it cause.. she won't going back to school anymore and.. well.. TT_TT I'm the one who'll suffer... urgh)

This time we chose to go to Centre Georges Pompidou, only in the museum because it's free for underage people, too bad for Roy Lichtenstein exhibition. -_-

Also saw that H&M made some pastel mascara, bought the violet one and..  this is crap! x_x Well for the price I guess it's not suprise but still.. eww. It's not long lasting and kinda hard to apply.

Françoise was wearing her newly handmade skirt.

I was wearing: a one piece from H&M, creepers from New Look and bag and frill socks are offbrand.