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[too cool for school] - Hot Girl Lip Sticker - 02 Hawaiian Flower - Review

Happy new year! I'm back for another review!  School has been keeping me busy and to be honest, I had no idea what to write about, that's why I haven't been very active. (Check my insta @alicekamiya for more frequent posts!)

I got my first hot pink lipstick from too cool for school. Mine is called 02 - Hawaiian Flower.
It also available in 19 other colors!

If you're into k-makeup, I think that you know that hot pink is a quite trendy color.
I remember every time that Etude House would release a collection, they would make sure to suggest a bright pink color. Usually with Krystal as the model.
I always thought it was pretty but ... quite daring? Well, at least for me!

The color is pink enough but not too bright to be hard to wear. Explained in Pantone color chart, it's very similar to the color 17-2034 'Pink Yarrow'. lol

As you can see it's a mini lipstick, almost like a sample size one, haha. It's good if you want to slip it into your pockets. It w…