TRAVEL LOG: Japan - Tokyo/Hakone/Osaka/Kyoto

It's been a year since the last time I posted! 😨 I thought I would make good use of my free time and finally post the photos I took when I was on my trip to Japan last year! Because, yes, my long life dream has come true, and I finally set my foot on the land of the rising sun (aka Japan), all thanks to my friend Caroline and her mom, who offered to foot the hotel bill, because the prices for a decent 'spacious' hotel in Tokyo were outrageous... 😵 (~90-100€/night).
It took me 15 hours to land at Narita, and of course, it was raining dogs and cats when we arrived and all the train were delayed, it took us about 3hrs to arrive in Tokyo...

Like good tourists, we visited the Tokyo Sky Tree and send some postcards home. I should have sent one to myself so I could have stamp to keep as a souvenir! 

I do admit I am a shopping mania, but we were reasonable and bought nothing but a pin.

We also went to Shiota Chiharu's exhibition, I was really looking forward to it and glad we ma…

[ETUDE HOUSE] - Play Color Eyes Lavender Land - Swatches

Etude House recently released a new palette! I love their seasonal palette, I must admit.. I got them all! There's no color that you won't use or which is too "flashy", every shadow can be used in a casual makeup look! I actually don't wear makeup daily and I wanted to be reasonable and just skip this one palette but I just couldn't resist!

The shadows are so pretty!

Tadam! I was super surprised but.. the colors are actually extra pigmented! (except for the lavender color, I had to swatch it multiple time so it is visible) I got the Peach palette and I feel like these shadows are more pigmented than the other ones.. but tell me if I'm wrong...

What did you think of this palette? Did you got it too or are you going to get it? :)

Note: I haven't updated since last year! I actually had few ideas, but I didn't even get the time to make drafts and post them. I was super busy dealing with school, depression, internships, etc. But I post weekly on IG, so…

[too cool for school] - Hot Girl Lip Sticker - 02 Hawaiian Flower - Review

Happy new year! I'm back for another review!  School has been keeping me busy and to be honest, I had no idea what to write about, that's why I haven't been very active. (Check my insta @alicekamiya for more frequent posts!)

I got my first hot pink lipstick from too cool for school. Mine is called 02 - Hawaiian Flower.
It also available in 19 other colors!

If you're into k-makeup, I think that you know that hot pink is a quite trendy color.
I remember every time that Etude House would release a collection, they would make sure to suggest a bright pink color. Usually with Krystal as the model.
I always thought it was pretty but ... quite daring? Well, at least for me!

The color is pink enough but not too bright to be hard to wear. Explained in Pantone color chart, it's very similar to the color 17-2034 'Pink Yarrow'. lol

As you can see it's a mini lipstick, almost like a sample size one, haha. It's good if you want to slip it into your pockets. It w…

TRAVEL: China & Hong Kong

In 21 years, I landed my feet on Asian land for the first time ever!  I went to Shantou, ZhaoAn, ShenZhen, Hong Kong and finally, Beijing. I originally planned to show you my trip through a vlog but due to the lack of footages, I'm just going to share with you guys the pictures I took. :)

#1st stop: Shantou / 汕头 

(inside of the Suning Mall)

(Entrance hall of Golden Gulf Hotel)

#2nd stop: ZhaoAn / 诏安

(Entrance of the temple)

(small peek of the inside, the temple is giant, there is different 'small temple' that were specifically dedicated to some buddhas etc.)

#3rd stop: Hong Kong / 香港

(Harbour City)

#4th stop: Beijing / 北京

ETUDE HOUSE - Salon Cream Hair Coloring [Vanilla Gold Brown] - Review

My journey to have light colored hair without bleaching ... Part that I've forgotten to post earlier. :(

Since my roots were getting longer, I thought that it would be the timing to do another hair coloring.
I did this coloration after weeks after I tried out Missha Sand Brown color.
This time I picked 'Vanilla Gold Brown' color from Etude House's cream dyes.

This is how my hair looks like before the coloration. Black roots, a mix of blonde/remaining of red coloration
(please don't mind my bare face)

* * *
After the coloration. My roots came out much lighter! There is still a bit of reddish brown but it's not really that visible.

- Very good coverage - Long lasting             - The dye doesn't smell bad - Less easy to apply than a bubble dye (obviously)
The color turned out quite prettily, even though it's more like a dark blonde than gold brown I guess? The coverage is definitely better than Missha's Long Wear hair coloring cream, so I'm n…

China Beijing Tour for only $99 (or €99)? DEAL or SCAM? REVIEW

So this summer I went to China with my aunt & uncle for the first time ever. And our plan included a €99 Beijing Tour (8 days).
It's a tour that's supposed to cost you only €99 (or $, depending on where you're at), which covers hotel fees, meals, entry fees for museum or whatever you'll be visiting.

But, really? only €99?
I'm just going to talk about the scams, as for the visits and stuff, I'm just going to skip it, but if you're interested, you can ask.

TEA SHOP On the 1st day, we were brought to a tea shop, to have a small talk about tea and to try them.
At the end, they presented us the teas we tried and were trying to sell them to us. The prices go from ~$25 to ~$60.
I really liked it but.. I was like "even my Mariage Frères tea doesn't cost that much?" so I wasn't planning to buy anything. The salespersons start coming at us asking us if we were interested and we told them "no" but you know, they were really persistent.

A'PIEU - Air Fit Cushion Bboyan - Review

While looking for a cushion, I discovered that white cushions exist!  This one is the Air Fit Cushion Bboyan from A'PIEU. It has a SPF 50+, which makes it perfect for the summer, especially for those who are very pale and need extra protection. '뽀얀' (bboyan) literally means 'immaculate'.
In case that I have to say it out loud.. yes, it turned out just to be some kind of sunscreen cushion.

I actually wanted to use it for cosplay, because the characters that I cos are usually very pale. It does help a little if you apply a good quantity, but if you lightly dab it on your skin, it isn't showing very much. 

This is the result of a lot of layers, almost painting my forearm, lol.

I'd give it a 4/5.
I don't think that it was a very useful purchase, as the usual BB or CC cushion already have a SPF 30+ or sometimes, even 50+. Just like sunscreen, the texture is a bit .. thick (?), and not as liquid as BB or CC.  I tried it before putting on my usual cushion and…