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Japan Expo 2013

Japan expo is really over now! This year like last year, my friend Fran├žoise & I went 2 days! I didn't took much photos, because nothing was new for me, lol. Let's start with pictures I tool the first day:

Ayo, there were a Kyojin head ! No mankind though.. Ehhh~Too bad!

So we were dressed like this: If you have any photos of us, it would be great to share it! :D

Hell, this year I had the headphones! I had a hard time fixing it! Especially the second day !

And the second days, I was stupid enough to bring my camera without a SD card, without an adaptator even if I wanted to used my cellphone's SD card.. So .. I took all the pics with my phone! *ugly sobs*

I start my day with my first picture with Tiya, who was helping at Lunie shop ! Oh, that was great, my make up was fresh and perfect.. Hell, it didn't last long...  -_-'