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Le printemps de l'économie - Les économiques

Alors, étant une élève de ES et mon professeur de SES est l'organisateur de tout cela, j'en parle un peu.

Durant la semaine du 2 au 5, c'est à dire: mardi, mercredi, jeudi et enfin vendredi, il y aura différents conférences sur différents sujets ayant pour thème "Chère Croissance".
Comme il est indiqué sur le flyer, cela se déroule au Lycée Turgot, au Cnam, à la Banque postale ou encore à la mairie du 3ème arrondissement! 
Chaque conférence dure environ 2h, il y en a 2 voir 3 qui s'enchaîne avec quelques minutes de pause donc vous pouvez très bien rester 2 petites heures puis partir sans assister aux 3 conférences. :)

Pour plus d'information, je vous renvoie au site qui est ici.

Voili voiloui~ Des flyers seront distribués vers la Cité des Sciences et sûrement déposé un peu partout, où on le peut. Si vous avez un peu de temps, si vous êtes intéressez, ça vaut le coup de venir!

Edit: C'est aujourd'hui qu'à lieu la dernière conférence~ :) Merci d&…

Black & White - Divided !

I always wanted a black and white stripes pants! H&M did released one in ... 2011 I think but it's was like 3/4 so I didn't bought it. I didn't knew they release a new one this year so when I saw it, I jumped on it!
I also bought a tank top, you have a déjà vu feeling? Yeah, it's the same as Sehun's!

I went on the website and when I saw this I was like.. "So cool but.. saw it somewhere.." You guys know it, seem that Coordi noona like H&M a lot, H&M is the best! Long life to H&M !!! Banzai!! Cheap and chic!

But I definitely hate a thing about H&M... It's uneven..What the fuck with this? =_='

I'm too lazy to go back, exchange it so I'm keeping it. The tank top is also uneven.... But still, I'm very very happy about my purchases! I asked my friend to order on Drop Dead so money is gone!! 0€ , 0$ , 0£ ...  I used my 1 week lunch money + 10€ from a pants I sold to buy those 2 items. Broke.
Btw, I received it today :
My C…

Bye bye, thank you for these 5 years!

My first mp3 was my Ipod Shuffle, compared to all you guys have right now it must be pretty old!
I have got this one:

So I bought it.. around.. when I was a freshmen in middle school? When I bought it I didn't listened to music a lot because I didn't knew where to download music etc.. How to put it in the Ipod.. Anyways.

But then, I listen to music everyday, every morning, everytime I'm taking train... And.. I ruined 5 pairs of earphones.. It's like 1 pair/year. O_O WHAT THE FUCK?

In order, Apple ones, Hello Kitty, Crystal earphones, Samsung and Hello Kitty again (present).
I was super upset for this pair because they're really pretty and stuff, comfortable but.... it didn't even last 1 year, those who read my yaplog would know. They cost.. Something like 19€ i think?

But I think, I was super super super upset for my samsung ones because it was those included with my cellphone and I could talk with it. Gone! 

And now I have no earphones, I'm using my Wesc he…

OZ, the great and powerful

Today my best friend and I went to see Oz the great and powerful in 3D. There is snow again when we thought that Spring is here! I'm kinda .. sad about that. D:
Like always, because this cinema is kinda far from our home, we're always late so we bought our tickets, and ran to upstairs and ....

EMPTY MOVIE THEATER ROOM! O_O We went on a wrong room (?) (how do we say it? XD) , so we quickly went out then someone told us that this room film is also about Oz but in like.. 50mins. 
Ran downstairs, but.. it was the Exit, so I was like : "They already ripped our tickets, do you think that they would let us go back to the right one?" And the bff was like "We don't have a choice anyways!"
So in aextremly awkward attitude, I bowed and told them that we're so silly and sorry that we mistook our room and the girl at the entrance was like "Yeah, don't worry; the movie hasn't begin yet! Go ahead!" What a relief, really... =_='

OMG, …

Like slimwalk tights from ZIPIA - review

I'm very complexed about my legs, I'm not very tall, (160cm only) and I'm always telling myself if I can grow up anymore, then I need to loose some weight.
I can't order on internet, except when I know some people who are ordering then I'm telling them to order for me then I'll pay them later. And there were a ZIPIA group order.

So I ordered this pair of tights which are supposed to work like SlimWalk tights.

I was wearing them for the first time and THIS happened:

I was like "WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?"  If you touch them from where there ripped, then it'll be worst. Yeah, TOUCH. =_='
I was like "C'mon, it's one leg." Then I checked my right legs, SAME.  And I was like "R U F*CKING WITH ME?' I paid something like 11€ : THROWED BY THE WINDOWS.

Just, if you have the choice, don't order theses tights from ZIPIA, go pay a bit more and order a pair of SlimWalk from Japan, 'kay? And I was super pissed because I had t…

How to cut your fringe yourself? "Famous" male idol fringe inspi

First, I cut my own hair since.. I was on my second grade of middle school because I wanted a fringe and my mom don't wanna me to have one or even bring me to a hairstylist.
I never had the chance to go to a salon, and my mom was the one to cut my hair.

I always loved boys haircuts, especially the bangs! But I never knew how. The first time I tried, OMFG, it was fugly.
Then, months ago, I discoved how to cut and style it like them.

How to have a fringe like this:

It have been cut like this: Very short, a bit longer, a bit longer then before and super long. lol
Longer is you hair, better it will be. 

You don't get it? 
Look at this: 
Don't freak out, it's the same. All you have to do it's to styled it with a straightener.  I can't show you via pictures but I'll give you a easier way! I'm a lazy person who only wake up half an hour before the time to go to school. So I don't have any time to style my hair. 

Before you go to bed, you just have…

Maybe it's the fate...

So, our team passed our oral exam wednesday, and thursday I got a small package from my pal from Philippines. I lmao when I opened because, our project was dealing with Hippies, and I got 2 colorful bracelets just a day later. Too bad I didn't got them a day earlier, but.. deal with it.

Everything is cute~ Especially Jaira's handwirting~ o_o  I can't help but praise, because it's super well wrote, like on computer. (Very similar to Futura LT)
I wearing them everyday~~ kekeke
Anyways, I'M IN VACATION FOR 2 WEEKS, OH YEAH.  BUT, those.. mean teacher gave us a bunch of homework, true story. I feel like I never had this much, because there are a lot of tests too because we missed it for our project sake.  Now we have to catch on etc.. TT_TT Crying or not?!

If you want to see our outfit, I looked like this for our exam:

And I changed into this for the conference: