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Shampooing extra doux au miel - Le petit Marseillais

En rentrant chez moi, un colis m'attendait...

Tadam~ C'est le shampooing au miel de la gamme "Shampooing extra doux" :  - Sampooing lait d'olivier - Shampooing abricot - Shampoing au miel Avec une poignée de bons de réductions pour... mes amis. è_è 

Mon verdict : 
+ sent très bon + sensation de "propre"
- forme du flacon, certes très "mignon" mais pas pratique
-> Sur cette photo je ne me suis pas du tout brosser les cheveux après la douche~ Les cheveux sont moins doux qu'à l'utilisation d'un shampooing professionnel pour l'hydratation par contre, mais pour un shampooing quotidien il est vraiment bien.

Review : CL Adult Red & Pop C Dark Blue

Let's start with a CL review! 
 This is an old post i did last year on my other blog but we can still use it, can't we? héhé ^ ^

Let's start with Pop C Dark Blue :

They were for my Rin Kagamine cosplay and i think they're p-e-r-f-e-c-t (for cosplay)! The blue is pretty obvious but none too much and are quite natural!
I'll give them 4.5/5, at the beginning all i saw were a little blue and it took me ~30min to see normally. Wtf?

Adult Red :
I'm myopic so i couldn't buy the reddest cosplay lenses most people are using, so i took Adult Red (also from EOS). Sorry, this is the only (usable) picture i could give you. As you can see, the red is not obvious and i was quite disappointed.
Only will give them a 3/5 They're very comfortable, though! Unlike the Pop C Dark Blue, i didn't saw red! haha

I bought them from Mem's shop, i don't know if she send overseas... But if you're french and want to try circle lenses, she's very reliable and nice! I always re…

About me


I'm Alice, i'm 16 years old and a junior at Turgot high school. I'm french (well, my nationality is french..) and i live in Paris. :3 Well, I can speak many languages such as french, english, chinese (mandarin, teochew, a bit of cantonese), a bit of spanish and a bit of japanese!
Although most of people think that asian are good in math, I absolutely suck in math.
(If anyone wants to help me with functions, you're welcomed!!)
I'm only 160cm and xxkg. 
I love music, fashion and shopping! I would listen to music, everyday, sing everywhere, anytime. If I need 3 things it would be, music, my bff and.. water. lol

Actually,I already have a blog here.
I'm going to leave some reviews about CL or cosmetics so i hope it will be not completely useless! :D

If you click, as you see it's a yaplog (japanese blog) and it's not easy for people to find my blog or leave a comment (my friends tried but failed although i don't think it's so hard to do it...)
So start…