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Japan Expo 2015 - 16th Impact

Last year due to my exams I only went to Japan Expo for 2 days, so this year I passed with flying colors and went on and bought a 4 days pass.
Then later when the schedule came out, I was a bit ... disappointed but still, very eager to go and to put on my cosplays and meet my friends.

When I went on thursday, it was hot as hell, around 35°c, but feeling like a 38°c, I was sweating a lot, and feeling all gross and stuff. It kinda already started not.. so well.
With my friend, we left our cosplay or lolita outfit at home and went with some very casual outfit so we could stroll comfortably at Japan expo.
To start, there's always a lot of people and this year is not an exception...

I was very happy seeing my favorite Sailor Moon (Toei Animation) booth with even more products than last year.

Unfortunately, some items were very very expensive.
Last year, the compact powder were at 35€ and this year 50€. The gap is huge and I found it very disappointing... The pink leather pourch you ca…