Japan Expo 2015 - 16th Impact

Last year due to my exams I only went to Japan Expo for 2 days, so this year I passed with flying colors and went on and bought a 4 days pass.
Then later when the schedule came out, I was a bit ... disappointed but still, very eager to go and to put on my cosplays and meet my friends.

When I went on thursday, it was hot as hell, around 35°c, but feeling like a 38°c, I was sweating a lot, and feeling all gross and stuff. It kinda already started not.. so well.
With my friend, we left our cosplay or lolita outfit at home and went with some very casual outfit so we could stroll comfortably at Japan expo.
To start, there's always a lot of people and this year is not an exception...

I was very happy seeing my favorite Sailor Moon (Toei Animation) booth with even more products than last year.

Unfortunately, some items were very very expensive.
Last year, the compact powder were at 35€ and this year 50€. The gap is huge and I found it very disappointing... The pink leather pourch you can see on the picture cost 300€. The lot of small fabric pourch were at 35€...
The ONLY not expensive things were the eyeliners (15€ to 18€), the glass (7€) and the Iphone cover (8€ only! and as you can see they are awesome! Wished I could use it but I have a Samsung)

First day of J.E was very short for my friend and me, beside the booths, there were nothing interesting that we could be doing. I went on and bought a lot of things as some goods, an artbook.

We also stopped at the Hello Kitty booth to drink something. We got ourselves a "vin mousseux" which is actually a Champagne but weirly translated to french, lmao.
It was very acid and it was.. meh-meh... well...

As you can see, Bee Shuffle were working there to promote the Hello Kitty food. lol
Seriously, there were really nice to everyone and they took every selfie with people who asked them etc.

If you're wondering, I also got mine (with Gyumin), kinda feel bad with ALL those photos he had to take but.. sorry.. I would have regretted it if I didn't, lol. Plus it was him who served me my drink... 
(Yeah, I even jokingly told my bff "I don't think that promoting Hello Kitty is what they were expecting when they had the occasion to come here."  )

You could eat Hello Kitty cookie, pink curry, Hello Kitty pink champagne and some regular drinks as Coke, orange juice, water as you can spot on the picture.
 Oh, they're also selling this Iced green tea:

(Plus with this kind of japanese tea, the tea powder linger in your mouth FOR EVER)
I had to go back and asked them if they had sugar and the poor clueless cashier had to go ask the guy who make drinks "satoh ga aru desu ka?" and at the end she was like "I'm very sorry, we don't have sugar".
BUT ! I still took it like a man and drank the whole thing while my friend drank 80% of her because throwing it at a nearby trashcan because "It's super sour to death!"
 (I EVEN KEPT THE CUP BECAUSE LOOK AT THIS LOVELY CRAP. I have no shame saying it out loud!) 

Oh, and I got to see Reika, who I admired a lot for her work.
(Sorry for the face and lack of make up leh.. *sob in a corner*)

That was our Friday and we kinda went home after that.

We came back on saturday, me returning with a cosplay (Shiro from No Game No Life)

(be careful, this photo is like super limited edition because .. nobody took any photo of me so this is like one of the 3 pic that I took and which you would ever find of myself as Shiro, lmao)

 (This is my favorite booth! Too bad they didn't brought any Crunky with them this year! I would have totally bought the whole stock.. Crunky is life!)

I swear, I've been going to Japan Expo for 5 years (maybe even 6 years by now?) and I've been seeing this Naruto EVERY FREAKING YEAR, EXCEPT the time they put the colossal titan's head (aka last year) and I'm going crazy.... 

I just finished my saturday like this. 

On the last day of Japan Expo, we were wearing our Shingeki no Kyojin cos. 
First, we arrived super later because we had to finish the details of our harness and putting on our make up. 

(Me as Levi
 Françoise as Mikasa)

Second, the drama.. we arrived around 1pm, both of us putting our 3DMG, then on the way of going to put the suitcase at the baggage room, we walk for.. 10min? not even? 

Guess what?
It was packed and people started to walk super close to us, hitting our 3DMG.
= 1 of my blade broke, the rear of my 3DMG also broke. 
It was already hot as hell and I started to panick because WE ONLY HAVE BEEN THERE FOR 10 minutes! 10 FREAKIN MINUTES! 
And all I could think is "I'm not gonna last until the end of the day"
Grabing the glue, I somehow was able to "fix it".

By 3pm, my friend's blade is also a bit broke, a part of the rear of her 3DMG is totally into pieces (it was kinda hilarious for us because.. we just couldn't understand how it was possible).

All I can say for our misfortune is:
PLEASE, be careful with people's cosplay. 
I know it was super packed, you may be didn't have much choice but you could make an effort.
It took us a lot of effort, a lot of time and money...
And part of it have been destroyed within 10 minutes.


Besides this misfortune, sunday was the best day so far. 
We went to watch the ECG and saw some awesome cosplayers then went to see Eir Aoi's showcase (we're so far that we didn't even saw her head but.. oh well...)

After that we strolled around to buy some food etc. 
We stopped by the wall with the Colossal Titan head and asked Françoise's cousin to take some photos of us (will edit later if I get them) and bunch a people came and asked for a picture too.

OH, OH, OH. And I saw this AWESOME (probably japanese) cosplayer of Jinguji Ren..
And i'm regretting so hard that I was too shy to ask her a picture...
(she had a booth around the Exit with some Touken Ranbu fanart!!)

Our Japan Expo just finished like this.

Honnestly, it took us only 4-5 hours to see ALL the booth. It was less interesting of all Japan Expo we've been. I'm seriously disappointed of how I wasted 50 bucks for the entrance tickets.
If you read my post of last year, well, you know what? Last year was totally heaven compared to this year. I'm usually super happy to go to this con.
I had some good time but that's all. There're no excitement or whatelse. 

At least I hope that you guys enjoyed it! And that you didn't got a heatstroke or else with the hot weather!


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