Wednesday, August 10, 2016

MISSHA - Long Wear Cream hair coloring [10N SAND BROWN] - Review (on colored hair)

I had red hair that I previously dyed back into black but the color was wearing off, so you could see red-ish and blonde-ish hair. I decided to make it even by doing a new coloration.

I picked Sand Brown color by MISSHA, a brown color that could go ash depending of your hair color. To be honest, this is part of my hair project, I want to lighten my hair color little by little then bleach it. We all know that it's hard to bleach black hair, so maybe this process would make it easier.
I saw few people do that, I'll try it and let you know later if it worked! :) Stay tuned!

Included in the box a hair coloring brush, the plastic thing to be use as a container to pour the hair coloring cream. Thoughtful and easy.  I like it. 
As usual there is of course a pair of gloves and a plastic sheet to cover yourself.

I like how Korean and Japanese do that, you know, giving you the full set. 
(cuz French don't do that, they just throw a pair of gloves and I know that my friends and I used to look for a bag, cut a hole to use that as protection sheet to cover ourself...)

Before the coloration:

After the coloration:

As you can see... we can still see the color beneath that coloration, it doesn't make a perfect cover for colored hair...

But I got a pretty and even color for my roots!

Here is a picture with natural light: 
(few weeks later)


Pros:  - Last forever (like any asian hair color, LOL, magic)
Doesn't smell bad
- Doesn't damage your hair
- Work very well on dark virgin hair

Cons: - Do not really cover well colored hair
- The cream is a bit hard to apply, being very.. thick

Even though the coverage is not really perfect, I really like using korena hair coloring because it doesn't damage your hair, and the product doesn't smell like dead rat (because, trust me, I've tried products that make your eyes sting, cry and smelling like dead rat... very unpleasant).
Plus the price is about the save than what I would find in my supermarket, so for the quality, it's worth it! (at least in my opinion.
I got mine on Jolse for about $10 with free shipping. :)

I hope that review was useful to you!
Leave a comment if you ever have any question to ask!