MISSHA - Long Wear Cream hair coloring [10N SAND BROWN] - Review (on colored hair)

I had red hair that I previously dyed back into black but the color was wearing off, so you could see red-ish and blonde-ish hair. I decided to make it even by doing a new coloration.

I picked Sand Brown color by MISSHA, a brown color that could go ash depending of your hair color. To be honest, this is part of my hair project, I want to lighten my hair color little by little then bleach it. We all know that it's hard to bleach black hair, so maybe this process would make it easier.
I saw few people do that, I'll try it and let you know later if it worked! :) Stay tuned!

Included in the box a hair coloring brush, the plastic thing to be use as a container to pour the hair coloring cream. Thoughtful and easy.  I like it. 
As usual there is of course a pair of gloves and a plastic sheet to cover yourself.

I like how Korean and Japanese do that, you know, giving you the full set. 
(cuz French don't do that, they just throw a pair of gloves and I know that my friends and I used to look for a bag, cut a hole to use that as protection sheet to cover ourself...)

Before the coloration:

After the coloration:

As you can see... we can still see the color beneath that coloration, it doesn't make a perfect cover for colored hair...

But I got a pretty and even color for my roots!

Here is a picture with natural light: 
(few weeks later)


Pros:  - Last forever (like any Asian hair color, LOL, magic)
Doesn't smell bad
- Doesn't damage your hair
- Work very well on dark virgin hair

Cons: - Do not really cover well-colored hair
- The cream is a bit hard to apply, being very.. thick

Even though the coverage is not really perfect, I really like using Korean hair coloring because it doesn't damage your hair, and the product doesn't smell like a dead rat (because trust me, I've tried products that make your eyes sting, cry and smelling like dead rat... very unpleasant).
Plus the price is about the save than what I would find in my supermarket, so for the quality, it's worth it! (at least in my opinion.
I got mine on Jolse for about $10 with free shipping. :)

I hope that review was useful to you!
Leave a comment if you ever have any question!


  1. Coucou :)
    Je trouve la couleur jolie, même si elle ne couvre pas bien. Mai ça fait de jolie reflets dans tes cheveux ^^

    1. C'est ce qu'on me dit, haha. :) Merci.


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