Japan Expo 2013

Japan expo is really over now! This year like last year, my friend Françoise & I went 2 days!
I didn't took much photos, because nothing was new for me, lol. Let's start with pictures I tool the first day:

Ayo, there were a Kyojin head ! No mankind though.. Ehhh~Too bad!

So we were dressed like this:
If you have any photos of us, it would be great to share it! :D

Hell, this year I had the headphones! I had a hard time fixing it! Especially the second day !

And the second days, I was stupid enough to bring my camera without a SD card, without an adaptator even if I wanted to used my cellphone's SD card.. So .. I took all the pics with my phone! *ugly sobs*

I start my day with my first picture with Tiya, who was helping at Lunie shop !
Oh, that was great, my make up was fresh and perfect.. Hell, it didn't last long...  -_-'

Freakin takoyaki stands EVERYWHERE, HELL! Too bad, I'm vegetarian! nah!

And here come the best moment of my life... I met Ayumi and Yura! They were soooo cute IRL, just like theirs photos and even better! (Hell, don't need some crap like photoshop to looks good lah!) 
Ugly pose while Ayumi's doing a pose according to my character! (No "그래wolf 내가 wolf Auuu-" Although I though of it while I saw the thing appearing, lol)

I was a bit late so I tolg to the best friend to quick steal a pic of the gorgeous Eva-chan! Blurry! FML!
But I got to saw her! *melt*
(F*ck the non-existent kpop life for a aomoji japanese life! Banzai! Banzai!)

I forgot how you call it but.. hell, there's more and more! I thought you can only see it at japanese cliché convention but.. guess I was wrong.

Gorgeous clothes! I really wanted to steal a wall at the end of the day! (Since it was the last)! Stupid Rin, I missed Chocomoo !

Staff saw me drooling over the pretty super kawaii decoration and told me that's ok to take a pic!
Deadpan without pose, here we go!

And I ended my day with a blurry pic of Lunie-chan! FML again.

Hell yeah, first polaroid of my life! And a significant one, not a photo popped out of nowhere!

And few thinggies I bought from the Harajuku kawaii stand.
Which are 3 sock.. YEAH 3! wtf, I joked and told Françoise "You see, you choose 2 socks then if you happen to lost one, you still have the third! Isn't it nice!"

And a niiiiiiiice skirt from Re+ , or call it Spinns, whatever!


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