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ETUDE HOUSE - Salon Cream Hair Coloring [Vanilla Gold Brown] - Review

My journey to have light colored hair without bleaching ... Part that I've forgotten to post earlier. :(

Since my roots were getting longer, I thought that it would be the timing to do another hair coloring.
I did this coloration after weeks after I tried out Missha Sand Brown color.
This time I picked 'Vanilla Gold Brown' color from Etude House's cream dyes.

This is how my hair looks like before the coloration. Black roots, a mix of blonde/remaining of red coloration
(please don't mind my bare face)

* * *
After the coloration. My roots came out much lighter! There is still a bit of reddish brown but it's not really that visible.

- Very good coverage - Long lasting             - The dye doesn't smell bad - Less easy to apply than a bubble dye (obviously)
The color turned out quite prettily, even though it's more like a dark blonde than gold brown I guess? The coverage is definitely better than Missha's Long Wear hair coloring cream, so I'm n…