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Nature Republic x EXO handcream & lipbalm - Review

Lately I went on Cosmetic Love and saw that Nature Republic had a collaboration with EXO and launched some very cute handcreams and lip balms. I thought I could give it a try since it's really affordable and ... EXO's fan .. of course.. *wink wink*

I bought Chanyeol's handcream version, which is rose scented and I also got myself Sehun's lipbalm which is a lime mint scented. This is actually my first time getting Nature Republic products!

First surprise, there is actually 2 handcreams! I thought I was only getting one and didn't really paid attention. haha There is also a photo card inside! 
The size is similar to L'Occitane's handcream, but what is even more surprising is that... even the texture of the cream is similar!!  It has a shea butter base so it's 'thick', not too creamy and liquid so it doesn't make your hands "sticky". (Great thing for smartphones users like myself, it doesn't leave a lot of prints on your screen)