Nature Republic x EXO handcream & lipbalm - Review

Lately I went on Cosmetic Love and saw that Nature Republic had a collaboration with EXO and launched some very cute handcreams and lip balms. I thought I could give it a try since it's really affordable and ... EXO's fan .. of course.. *wink wink*

I bought Chanyeol's handcream version, which is rose scented and I also got myself Sehun's lipbalm which is a lime mint scented. This is actually my first time getting Nature Republic products!

First surprise, there is actually 2 handcreams! I thought I was only getting one and didn't really paid attention. haha There is also a photo card inside! 

The size is similar to L'Occitane's handcream, but what is even more surprising is that... even the texture of the cream is similar!!  It has a shea butter base so it's 'thick', not too creamy and liquid so it doesn't make your hands "sticky". (Great thing for smartphones users like myself, it doesn't leave a lot of prints on your screen)
The scent is really natural: it actually smells like real rose, not the artificial sweet scent.
 In short.. it smells like plant.. but in a good way.  

I carry that with me and use it quite often. It's moisturizing but it does nothing amazing.
Tbh, it's ... 90% similar to L'Occitane's handcreams ( ~$8/pc in France) but this is cheaper as it's only sold for ~$9/box of 2 on Cosmetic Love and the shipping is free.

I even went back to order another box but one with Cherry Blossom scent (Kai's version), just because it's cheap, lol. (Also very curious about the scent, I order it two weeks ago, it's on its way) Go grab yours before it's too late!

If I said that the handcream is not really amazing although moisturizing (duh it's handcream, of course it has to moisturize your hands)

It's really moisturizing, and this lime mint version leave your lips with a super minty & fresh feeling.
I absolutely love it! 

But compared to the handcream, this is considered as quite expensive as it costs ~$7.
It's even more expensive than the Nuxe lipbalm I was using. But I actually love it so much that I also bought another one. It hurts my kokoro and my wallet but... really, it's... great. 

Overall, I am very pleased with my first experience with Nature Republic and I will definitely buy other products from them. 
The price is fair, the quality is great, it's organic and  they use a lot of natural ingredients. 


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