[ETUDE HOUSE] - Berry Delicious liquid lips juicy OR207 - Review

ETUDE HOUSE came up with Berry Delicious line lately, I've hesited a lot but then I couldn't resist so I finally bought something.
I've got myself a liquid lips juicy in OR207, a coral color with a hint of red. 

I first thought it was a tint but it turned out it's 'jelly-ish'.
It feels a bit weird on the lips, haha.
It smells like berries! :D

The color turned out super natural! I thought it would be more...pigmented and obvious than that but it's great! I got the Color-lips tint by Etude House and it makes your lips dry but this formula is great.
I would describe it as ... something between a tint and a gloss.

Here is what a swatch looks like:

I tried to wipe it off, and as you can see it smill remains like a tint. 

Overall I'm really pleased with it: it's long lasting, it's looks really natural on your lips. 
Besides the strange texture and the fact that you might have to use your finger to dab a little to make the thing even. It's really great. *thumb up*

I got mine from Rinishop for about $9? maybe $8? The shipping are free though.
It said there 3.5g but it looks like there is very little product inside.  (a lipstick contains 4g of products)
It you want to have a brighter color you might have to apply various swatches so it can be considered as expensive compared to a tint (whereas you only need a small quantity with the latter).

Oh, get 5% off your order with this voucher : 00001


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