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Mind if I slither in?..

Yup, I am also a fan on Harry Potter.  Lately I purchased the whole coffret of Harry Potter books,  I think that's a great ocasion to present to you my outfit inspired from my house.  If I was at Hogwarts I believe I would definitly belong to Slytherin.  Well, at least on Pottermore, I am a Slytherin.

If some people dislike Slytherin, I like that house. Slytherins are described as cunning, ambitious, born winner that would anything to achieve their goals. In short, they are pretty cool. But well... haters gonna hate. Plus..Merlin was also a Slytherin.

(yes, proud Slytherin I am, my laptop is also branded my house's logo)

I did an outfit that is rather cosy and casual (to stay at home) that fits the house's color:  green and grey/silver. Might be great to go out like this in summer but nowadays it's too cold for that, haha.

My inner otaku love derived products from my favorites animes, movies and such. For people who are like me,  I lately discovered Loot Crate which offer…