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All-in-one make up review (Etude House, MISSHA, Too Faced, Holika Holika)

A all-in-one review of 5 products including Etude House, MISSHA, Too Faced, Holika Holika! I think that would give you an overview on a full make up face.

First, non-make up face. (I did applied skincare here though)

Full face make up.
(photo is not edited at all)

1) Holika Holika - Wonder Drawing (01) There is no much to said, it's a eyebrow pencil, easy to use, no need to shaved the pen.  Super cheap ~$6
2) Too Faced - Lash Injection It's a super nice waterproof mascara, long lasting unless you rub your eyes, easy to remove. The big brush is a little inconvenient for people who has short lashes like me, the mascara would smudge a little on your lids.
3) MISSHA - Perfect concealer (23) It's a cream concealer, available in Light beige 21 or Natural beige 23. The coverage is not that good but I like the creamy texture and the fact that it won't cake on your skin. This one is also cheap, it's about $5 I believe? 
4) Etude House - Color Lips Fit (RD301) Available in di…

OPPO R7 - Review

I haven't told anyone I got myself a new smartphone, but.. yeah, I got myself a OPPO R7.
I hesitated a lot with a Samsung Galaxy S6, I wanted it so so bad but it was twice the price of the R7.
The thing that convinced me at the end is that OPPO R7 has got 16GB of memory and you can add an SD card.

I'm only doing my review now because I thought I ought to try out the phone for a while and see if some rumors are true and how good/bad the phone is. I got it for 3 months now.

(damn, I just saw that the box cover is upside down, haha)

The smartphone is really on the edge of the box. Mine slipped when I opened the box, I almost had a heart attack thinking that I broke it even though I just got it.  The box is really tight, make sure that you'll open it on the table or on something else and not just standing or tilting the box thinking it's ok.

Included with the phone :  - Earphones    - USB adapter - USB cable    + a phone case

Basically, ther…

[ETUDE HOUSE] - Berry Delicious liquid lips juicy OR207 - Review

ETUDE HOUSE came up with Berry Delicious line lately, I've hesited a lot but then I couldn't resist so I finally bought something. I've got myself a liquid lips juicy in OR207, a coral color with a hint of red. 

I first thought it was a tint but it turned out it's 'jelly-ish'. It feels a bit weird on the lips, haha. It smells like berries! :D

The color turned out super natural! I thought it would be more...pigmented and obvious than that but it's great! I got the Color-lips tint by Etude House and it makes your lips dry but this formula is great.
I would describe it as ... something between a tint and a gloss.

Here is what a swatch looks like:

I tried to wipe it off, and as you can see it smill remains like a tint. 

Overall I'm really pleased with it: it's long lasting, it's looks really natural on your lips.  Besides the strange texture and the fact that you might have to use your finger to dab a little to make the thing even. It's really …

Nature Republic x EXO handcream & lipbalm - Review

Lately I went on Cosmetic Love and saw that Nature Republic had a collaboration with EXO and launched some very cute handcreams and lip balms. I thought I could give it a try since it's really affordable and ... EXO's fan .. of course.. *wink wink*

I bought Chanyeol's handcream version, which is rose scented and I also got myself Sehun's lipbalm which is a lime mint scented. This is actually my first time getting Nature Republic products!

First surprise, there is actually 2 handcreams! I thought I was only getting one and didn't really paid attention. haha There is also a photo card inside! 
The size is similar to L'Occitane's handcream, but what is even more surprising is that... even the texture of the cream is similar!!  It has a shea butter base so it's 'thick', not too creamy and liquid so it doesn't make your hands "sticky". (Great thing for smartphones users like myself, it doesn't leave a lot of prints on your screen)