Saturday, September 7, 2013

Must watch, what you can't ignore!

I'm writing a late late late post to share 2 videos that I absolutely cannot.. ignore! 

1] This terrific cover of 'This Love' - Shinhwa by a team of cosplayer who are wearing Shingeki No Kyojin kenpeidan outfit! (夜莺军团) Just discovered them few hours ago, went to see their Weibo, apparently they're cosplayer and also a team which is doing bunch of cover. 
Ok, I'm only spazzing at this one. lol (Haven't watch the others yet, wait, it's 2am!!)

Watch it here !

2] Well, of course it's the newest make up tutorial Michelle Phan has posted! :D Cara Delevingne's look!
Also must learn/watch it! I absolutely love it, I would try it tomorrow if I can! 

Especially the cover! If you're a kpop fan or Shingeki No Kyojin fan!

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