A tour at Centre Pompidou

I'll be back to school in 2 days so we took this occasion with my friend Françoise to go out one more time~
(But, let's be honnest, she don't give a damn to it cause.. she won't going back to school anymore and.. well.. TT_TT I'm the one who'll suffer... urgh)

This time we chose to go to Centre Georges Pompidou, only in the museum because it's free for underage people, too bad for Roy Lichtenstein exhibition. -_-

Also saw that H&M made some pastel mascara, bought the violet one and..  this is crap! x_x
Well for the price I guess it's not suprise but still.. eww.
It's not long lasting and kinda hard to apply.

Françoise was wearing her newly handmade skirt.

I was wearing: a one piece from H&M, creepers from New Look and bag and frill socks are offbrand.


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