Back to school - I'm a sempai now!

Guess, it feels kinda weird to tell myself  "I'm a senior, I'm a sempai and I have a lot of kouhai!" but it's indeed the true. So first, the outfit! I chose something very simple since I'm already blonde and I don't want to make a fuss or teachers to gossip about how deliquent I look like. (Well, I only care because you never if they want to judge you based on your look cause would be bad, right?)

Look at my hair, it's crazy how long they are now!

Ok, let you peek at my schedule:

 So basically, it's kinda....full. But I don't have so much class until 6pm if it's none.

One fact: I'm very very very sad to "loose" one of my favorite teacher: my english teacher!
Not saying that my actual teacher is bad or anything but I'm sitting at the last row. I don't really see so well there and I'm in the corner, ok?
The.. mood is really stiff. I hope it's only for the first day, english is one of my favorite subject so I hope I can be at ease. Plus, she's my head teacher. 

And I also got my parcel from YesAsia , I was supposed to receive it in August but only got it.. yesterday? So actually I contacted them that maybe my parcel was lost and they were about to send me another one. I'm still very sorry to disturb them for nothing. TT_TT They're nice.

 EXO's 'XOXO' repackage album in Kiss ver. & 2 mangas (Radical Blood Monster) of Kazuhiko Mishima who's one of my favorite Yaoi author. Couldn't really understand much and then I noticed that I should REALLY practice my japanese... The sense of fashion.. JJANG! <3

I got Kai's card, stuck with the ad. XD (I mean, really..)
Well, not my favorite one but I appreciate him a lot too. I wonder how lucky I was when I got Luhan's card the first time I got EXO's album like.. It was fate. lol (Just joking)

And last, give you a pic of me with my Elizabeth Middleford make up/hair style test.
I don't want to do her cosplay though.

-> Soon will make a review for my Palty coloration!


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