Garnier OLIA hair dye - Carmin Reds (6.66) - Review

I tried a lot of color but this is the first time that I'm dyeing my hair in red! I was on my way to buy a normal dark brown dye but I saw this box of Carmin Reds and I just couldn't resist! 


So I had like a two toned hair style in light blonde/black. I'm only dyeing the blonde part, and I'm supposed to get the same red as on the package.


The color looks better in real life. 
It turned out pretty well, it's actually a deep red with a bit of deep pink undertone.
The thing is on this 'after' picture, I just got my shampoo done so I didn't really had to brush my hair or anything since my hair are really straight naturally.. But I noticed something that happened few days after I have dyed my hair: whenever I have trying to curl/straighten my hair, the color would fade away.

This is few days after when I tried to use the hair straightener.
I only straightened the tips of my hair and they turned into orange!! O_O
This is the first time of my life seeing that, considering that I've been dying my hair for 5-6 years.
(So far, it looks like a tie dye so.. ok)

This is 2 months after my coloring, after straightening them various time the orange turned into blonde... (well, since I was blonde from the beginning..)
I also noticed that my hair became a bit dry and a bit damaged. 
I can't help and think that this is because of the dye. :'(
(I cut all my hair 2 years ago so my hair are pretty much.. brand new.) 

Overall: 3/5
- The color is really pretty
- The color doesn't go away after shampooing! The color is pretty tough overall if you forget the straightener incident.
- It smells really good (lol)

- The color probably won't last long on bleached hair from what I understood..
- Avoid using straightner/curler especially when you have bleached hair
- Damage your hair compared to bubble dye!


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