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KAO Liese Chiffon beige hair dye - Review

Before starting, WARNING: You've used Etude House Bubble? You think bubble hair dye smell well?

Ok, let's start. First I wanted to keep my hair black/dark because.. I don't know, I dyed my hair for so much time since I was a junior in middle school.. (Since.. ~2008?) But a friend brought the hair dye I wanted to buy from her since she's in Paris right now. So i was like "Ok, since she's on Paris.."

It's the color Chiffon Beige, Liese from KAO. And, it's a bubble hair dye as you can see.

Basic, the two mixtures, gloves, Treatment to rinse-off.. There is also a skin allergy test panel. 

It's super light near to the roots! But as you can see, it's not bad either in general.

 Can you see it? Especially on my fringe!
I'll try to take others picture, I don't have natural light when i'm at home! >_< But I think on the first pic, you can see it clearly! It's not overall, but.. It's m…