DIY ! Studed my vest!

I traded one of my beanies with some rivets, lol. I love rivets so much! I think it's studed things are very cool, kinda.. rock. I wanted to try to stud something, and I took my plain black sportswear.


No make-up face, once again. 

The pink thing is my Alpaca strap.. *sigh* Sorry, seem he wanted to be on the pic.

What do you think about it? 
Although I was the one who did that, I'm not very fond of it. It's kinda .. weird.
Voice your opinions! Then I'll think about leaving it or taking it out! >_<

Otherwise, it's super easy to do that! I never bought rivets, so i thought that i couldn't do it bare hands, but nonsense!

N.B: SHINee's Dream Girl MV was posted today. *roll like a buffalo on the floor* I think some coordinations are kinda weird, but I'm sure they did it on purpose so.. Definitely foing to buy it this week! Oh my money.. Dream Girl, Misconception of you is only the first chapter


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