Dream Girl & 1000年、ずっとそばにいて…

Yesterday my friend Christelle texted me and asked me if I could hang out, I took this occasion to go to Musica  to buy SHINee's new album : Dream Girl Chapter 1. The misconceptions of you and also bought 1000年、ずっとそばにいて... since I think it's a very nice song and it's their first japanese ballad~

Dream Girl :

My favorite pic among the others!
Even if my biais is Taemin, I think that JongHyun is very handsome on this one! ;)

And so lucky I am, I got Taemin's photocard! <3

There are 9 songs :
- Spoiler
- Dream Girl 
- Hitchhiking
- Punch Drunk Love
- Girls, Girls, Girls
- Aside
- Beautiful
- Dynamite 
- Runaway

My favorites are Beautiful; Dynamite; Dream Girl; Spoiler & Hitchhiking. (My ranking, lol)


They even translated the japanese lyrics into chinese! Good job!

There are 2 songs: 1000 nen zutto soba ni itte & Kimi ga iru Sekai + instrumental versions! :)

Got pretty hard time to buy 1000年 because :

I told the boss "Do you have sen nen zutto soba ni itte?"
He looked at me like "Excuse me but?..." Then I changed my technique and told him "Do you have SHINee japanese single?" and he told me "If you're talking about FIRE, it haven't been release yet! :) " 
Me: "No, I mean, the previous one! ..."
Boss: "Oh, you mean.. The 1000 years thing? Oh yeah I got it!"

Kinda awkward moment. XD I felt like .. stupid. lol

Anyways, I'm happy of SHINee's come back, even if for me they were always there coz they also release japanese singles etc.. :) And I'm looking forward FIRE! I didn't like the pic but when I listened to it on Youtube, I felt in love with this song! Must buy!! 
Aww, I'm already broke.. *sigh*
I was pretty depressed but, I'm in such a good mood after I listened to SHINee! <3 The best in my heart!

Something else? Went to the theater with my class! Pretty nice but it started at 7pm and finish around 10:30 pm! O_O So I slept a bit pending the performance.. *run away*


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