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Truth or Dare?

This tuesday was Mardi Gras, even if our high school don't "celebrate" it, my friend and I was like "Last year we couldn't because we were in vacation but this year, we'll make sure to do something!"

I sold a lot of my lolita dresses since I quit, only left 2 replicas and 2 dresses. So this was my outfit:

T-shirt: UniqloxMILK Cardigan/Vest: Uniqlo (louge wear please..) Skirt: Replica of DDH from Angelic Pretty Socks: M├ętamorphose Temps de Fille Shoes: Creepers from New Look Accessories/Pins: 6% DokiDoki, Hello Kitty pins and.. forgot but it's from a creator, should go ask Sam if u wanna know, she was the one who sold/gave it to me (I don't even remember, urgh...).

Sale? What is it? I totally gave up and went to buy some things I wanted.

A bonus, lol :