Review : CL Adult Red & Pop C Dark Blue

Let's start with a CL review! 
 This is an old post i did last year on my other blog but we can still use it, can't we? héhé ^ ^

Let's start with Pop C Dark Blue :

They were for my Rin Kagamine cosplay and i think they're p-e-r-f-e-c-t (for cosplay)!
The blue is pretty obvious but none too much and are quite natural!

I'll give them 4.5/5, at the beginning all i saw were a little blue and it took me ~30min to see normally. Wtf?

Adult Red :

I'm myopic so i couldn't buy the reddest cosplay lenses most people are using, so i took Adult Red (also from EOS). Sorry, this is the only (usable) picture i could give you.
As you can see, the red is not obvious and i was quite disappointed.

Only will give them a 3/5
They're very comfortable, though! Unlike the Pop C Dark Blue, i didn't saw red! haha

I bought them from Mem's shop, i don't know if she send overseas...
But if you're french and want to try circle lenses, she's very reliable and nice! I always recommend her since i bought lenses from her and even my friends say that she's very nice!
She also selling korean cosmetics, such BB cream from Etude House, Tony Moly etc...

See you next time for another post?


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