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OZ, the great and powerful

Today my best friend and I went to see Oz the great and powerful in 3D. There is snow again when we thought that Spring is here! I'm kinda .. sad about that. D:
Like always, because this cinema is kinda far from our home, we're always late so we bought our tickets, and ran to upstairs and ....

EMPTY MOVIE THEATER ROOM! O_O We went on a wrong room (?) (how do we say it? XD) , so we quickly went out then someone told us that this room film is also about Oz but in like.. 50mins. 
Ran downstairs, but.. it was the Exit, so I was like : "They already ripped our tickets, do you think that they would let us go back to the right one?" And the bff was like "We don't have a choice anyways!"
So in aextremly awkward attitude, I bowed and told them that we're so silly and sorry that we mistook our room and the girl at the entrance was like "Yeah, don't worry; the movie hasn't begin yet! Go ahead!" What a relief, really... =_='

OMG, …