Black & White - Divided !

I always wanted a black and white stripes pants! H&M did released one in ... 2011 I think but it's was like 3/4 so I didn't bought it. I didn't knew they release a new one this year so when I saw it, I jumped on it!
I also bought a tank top, you have a déjà vu feeling? Yeah, it's the same as Sehun's!

I went on the website and when I saw this I was like.. "So cool but.. saw it somewhere.." You guys know it, seem that Coordi noona like H&M a lot, H&M is the best! Long life to H&M !!! Banzai!! Cheap and chic!

But I definitely hate a thing about H&M... It's uneven..What the fuck with this? =_='

I'm too lazy to go back, exchange it so I'm keeping it. The tank top is also uneven.... But still, I'm very very happy about my purchases! I asked my friend to order on Drop Dead so money is gone!!
0€ , 0$ , 0£ ... 
I used my 1 week lunch money + 10€ from a pants I sold to buy those 2 items. Broke.

Btw, I received it today :

My Co&Lu bag! But it's a bit small so maybe I'm gonna sell it... 

Anyways, even though I have no comment, I'm thankful that there are few people who are reading my blog! Lub you a lot! hehe


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