OZ, the great and powerful

Today my best friend and I went to see Oz the great and powerful in 3D. There is snow again when we thought that Spring is here! I'm kinda .. sad about that. D:
Like always, because this cinema is kinda far from our home, we're always late so we bought our tickets, and ran to upstairs and ....

We went on a wrong room (?) (how do we say it? XD) , so we quickly went out then someone told us that this room film is also about Oz but in like.. 50mins. 

Ran downstairs, but.. it was the Exit, so I was like : "They already ripped our tickets, do you think that they would let us go back to the right one?" 
And the bff was like "We don't have a choice anyways!"

So in aextremly awkward attitude, I bowed and told them that we're so silly and sorry that we mistook our room and the girl at the entrance was like "Yeah, don't worry; the movie hasn't begin yet! Go ahead!"
What a relief, really... =_='

OMG, 3D spectacles were SO UNCONFORTABLE! I thought my ears were gonna fell, and I endured it for more than 2 hours, but at the middle of the movie, there wasn't so much 3D to see anyways. 

BUT, it was a very, very, great movie to my opinion! So much magic and stuff! Nothing like incredible but I loved it a lot! Oz reminds me .. Dom Juan
I think it's the only part I didn't like in the movie, too much girls fell for him too easily.. =_='

So if you some money and spare time to spend and if you love magic and stuff, you should watch Oz the great and powerful!
(HELL, I'm typing "Or" instead of "Oz" since the beginning. What's wrong with me?)

Beside it, nothing much special to say.. This was my outfit:

If you like this outfit, don't hesitate to "Hype" on lookbook! :D *cheesy smile ever*
I just added the widget to my blogspot. (And I'm so desesperate because it seem that nobody like my outfits...)

 What I got myself~~ Haven't try yet but I think I'm gonna like it!
Although it's written "almond fragrance" it smells like coconut, LOL. 
You can get it here.

Btw, I got a new computer, the HP Envy 23 with windows 8 and Beatsaudio and.. it's so different from my old computer so I may write.. funny. The sounds is freaking powerful! The quality is a bit better than normal speakers but nothing incredible! :)


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