How to cut your fringe yourself? "Famous" male idol fringe inspi

First, I cut my own hair since.. I was on my second grade of middle school because I wanted a fringe and my mom don't wanna me to have one or even bring me to a hairstylist.
I never had the chance to go to a salon, and my mom was the one to cut my hair.

I always loved boys haircuts, especially the bangs! But I never knew how. The first time I tried, OMFG, it was fugly.
Then, months ago, I discoved how to cut and style it like them.

How to have a fringe like this:

It have been cut like this:
Very short, a bit longer, a bit longer then before and super long. lol

Longer is you hair, better it will be. 

You don't get it? 

Look at this: 

Don't freak out, it's the same.
All you have to do it's to styled it with a straightener. 
I can't show you via pictures but I'll give you a easier way! I'm a lazy person who only wake up half an hour before the time to go to school. So I don't have any time to style my hair. 

Before you go to bed, you just have to pin your hair. 
If you pin it at your left side, it will go to the right side! Or otherwise.
(I think you all know this, but still....)

If you have any question, just ask me. Or even if you want to do a kind of hair style, maybe I can help you.
;_; I'm sorry that I'm not good at explaining.


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