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Bye bye, thank you for these 5 years!

My first mp3 was my Ipod Shuffle, compared to all you guys have right now it must be pretty old!
I have got this one:

So I bought it.. around.. when I was a freshmen in middle school? When I bought it I didn't listened to music a lot because I didn't knew where to download music etc.. How to put it in the Ipod.. Anyways.

But then, I listen to music everyday, every morning, everytime I'm taking train... And.. I ruined 5 pairs of earphones.. It's like 1 pair/year. O_O WHAT THE FUCK?

In order, Apple ones, Hello Kitty, Crystal earphones, Samsung and Hello Kitty again (present).
I was super upset for this pair because they're really pretty and stuff, comfortable but.... it didn't even last 1 year, those who read my yaplog would know. They cost.. Something like 19€ i think?

But I think, I was super super super upset for my samsung ones because it was those included with my cellphone and I could talk with it. Gone! 

And now I have no earphones, I'm using my Wesc he…