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One moment please?!

Today's we took our class photo! Last year I was all grumpy on the pic, this year I want to be more cheerful. Starting with a nice outfit!

I'm wearing my favorite dress from the UniqloXMilk collaboration!  My socks from Angelic Pretty, creepers from New Look!

Let's not forget make up! Only bb cream, lol!
It was nice! The weather was so warm and so nice and.. we were all blinded by it but.. doesn't matter... And I saw the pic, I was too white on the pic...  *sigh* It almost the end of this year! T_T Exams, don't come near to me!

 And i discovered Temple Run! Playing it on my brother's cell because I can't download it on mine! My best score ever, lol. I'm so lame, I know it! Care to explain it to me?
(Luhan did super duper nice score within few minutes, I don't get how to play it.. TT_TT)

(I know "what the fuck?" I don't know what I was thinking when I did this..Well, about Yumeiro P√Ętisserie.)

And I my aunt bought some super cute pens f…