I was supposed to buy some books to revise, but it was too expensive and.. I can have some discount if I ask my friend to buy it.. So I'll wait later.
Instead of it, I took ~15/20€ to buy some.. must have things.

Some shoes lace, 2 pairs for 2.95€ only! But.. it don't glow in the dark.. H&M, you cheat on me! è_è

Useless but so cuuute! It's a KiKi's deliver service goodie~ (Got for cheap!)

 And tha nail lacquer I was looking for! I wanted a silver nail lacquer but couldn't find a good one and this one super duper good! It dry very fast plus it's really silver!
Even if they call it "Mirror Nail Lacquer", no, you can't see your reflection, lol.

 I leaned to fold some cranes for a SHINee fan project. Back then I was really busy and only made 2 but now, got the technique and I'm folding a bunch! If you're looking for cheap origami paper, go to Muji!

The first one I folded with a flyer left at home. Yes, my economic flyer. Recycle!

This one is the smaller! It's like... 2cm. I made it with what left after I folded a big one. 8)

I hate myself for taking half an hour to do my coordination! Urgh. Wasting too much time for nothing.

Tank top (boy) from H&M (for 1€)
Denim washed jeans from H&M
Perfecto like jacket from Rosebud
Vest from Tralala (beneath the jacket)
Beanie from Zipia
Backpak from Eastpak
Badge from Banana Fish

I'm using filters a lot since my camera is dying and the light at home is kinda bad.. It sucks.
Btw, using 20€, I also bought a SD card since mine broke.. TT_TT The .. lock thingy broke so each time I put it in my computer or camera, it would tell me "The card is locked".
 I even painted it with nail lacquer so it wouln't move but it don't work, I even put tape.. Wtf. And I got made so while looking for my books, I went to buy my card.


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