Dots & Stripes

My favourites patterns must be .. Polka dots, leopard and vertical stripes!
I wore the same shirt yesterday but I didn't want to wash it yet so I told myself "One more day!" but it's not original to wear the same thing twice. Opened my drawers and found my handmade polka dots pin!

Shirt - H&M
Polka dot bow is handmade
Denim jeans - H&M
Cardigan - Autreton (Monoprix, lol)
Glasses - Tommy Hilfiger
Creepers - New Look (not present on the pic,lol. sorry~)

I also received my Drop Dead sweatshirt, I love it~ It's not as thick as I thought but .. nevermind.
Hiding it in the closet, coz friday my mom would rip my head off because of the trimester and I wouldn't make her more mad than she'll be. 
Btw, it will be.. Sehun's birthday. WTF? 

Let's go back to the time:
2013 04 08 - EXO first anniversary -> My teacher gave mom a appointement. 
2013 04 12 - SeHun's birthday -> The day of the appointement.
2013 04 20 - LuHan's (♥) birthday -> 4h of mock test on a saturday morning. 

EXO 啊。。。 这个月你们带来很多麻烦给我。。我不知道怎么响应。。

It have been a long time~ Yum yum, I bought a whole menu but couldn't eat anymore so keep it as a snack.

If I'm dead this friday, at least I wanted to say thank you for visiting my blog... 
Pray for me, wish me good luck, whatever... 


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