Full repair, deep conditioner - John Frieda - Review!

I have dyed my hair for 3 years, well like 2-3 times per year because I'm lazy. But since I dyed my hair with Liese hair dye, my hair became dry and brittle. o_o
It's weird because I dyed my hair twice with Etude House Bubble hair dye and my hair were fine!
I cut like 4-5 cm few months ago and my hair were healthy, so I guess it was because of Liese hair dye?

Anyways, that's not the point!

I want to keep them long so I looked for a conditioner, I love John Frieda's shampoo and they're good so I told myself "Maybe the conditioners are good too!" So I bought this:

Acutally, even though my hair are long, there's enough to use it twice! (I'm kiam so I even used it 3!)

Before the treatment:

 After the treatment, first use:
(Sorry, this is my pj.. And, I didn't brush my hair!)

After the treatment, 3rd use:
(Haven't brush my hair too... )

They look nicer, right?
They're so nice, so smooth just like silk and.. *blabla* This treatment is super nice~ (y)
I think if you're too lazy to make a lot of treatment, this is a good solution! And it's not expensive, I bought it for 1,95€/packet. If you want to make the treatment quick, I think... twice/week is good. :) 
But you can just try and you'll see by yourself. ^^ 

It have been a long time I didn't did my nails~ I'm in fond of daisy these days!
I did it quickly so I did for this post, still have a lot of homework to do! TT_TT


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