Last haul for 2013

I think I won't buy anymore for this year so I'm doing my haul now. (・ω・)
Well I didn't bought much because I didn't have time to shop since I had a lot of exams etc... Also I'm trying to progess on my cosplay, especially making the 3DMG, so I spent a lot on the furnitures! 

I love fancy socks! I found these at H&M at men's departement! (Specifically at young boy's departement) My beloved Union Jack flag print and a pair of high sport socks! 
Both for ~8€

A pair of grey lenses for Levi's cosplay! But too bad, there's too much yellow and on my eyes it don't looks grey so I guess I have to buy another pair... 
They're from EOS as you can see on the bottles.

I bought come hair dye for my mom and bought a cream and curler for myself. First time trying W2Beauty and I very satisfied! I received it in only one week or so, it's well wraped, and there's also some samples. Communication is nice too! Alice (not me, lol) was very nice and friendly.

Trying another moisturizer cream! Only tried for today but the cream is nice, without any fragrance.
The packaging is simple but nice. It's very small though! Only 30mL. ~10€

And keeping the best for the end.. (。-_-。)
I, of course, had to buy Miracle in December! (EXO M ver.)

I wished I could get Lay but I got Xiumin instead, it's ok, lol. Can't always get what we want right? 
Our Baozi is cute too! (つД`)ノ

 That's all~ Lately I fell in love with BOYFRIEND but the only song I really really love is Janus so I didn't want to waste any money.
Btw, I went to see Frozen, gosh, I love Elsa~~!! And for once the prince is a very bad and nasty guy!
( ゚д゚) Never saw it!

Anyways, happy holidays!!!~ I hope you'll have a good time!! (For my part I got nothing for Christmas)


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