Cosplay Tutorial - How to make Judal bracelets/bangle?

Since I'm not in mood to finish my math homework, I'm gonna share my super tutorial that I made infew minutes !

Judal's cosplay is nor hard: cropped top and harlem pants. 
The point are his bracelets and his necklace/choker. 

First I thought about buying some PVC bracelets in gold, I found them on Ebay for a fair price but they were too large for my wrists and I need 20 of them, which is quite.. impressive.
Plus, I need a choker with the same color and material. Obviously I couldn't buy some... 

First thing I did was to buy some gold vinyl fabric:
(don't mind the lace, it's for my Doll cosplay)

Then I pondered for many months, what should I use?
Should I fill it like with a plush? Should I buy some rope to fill it? ...
Neither of them seem to be a nice solution... Then I came across something nice!

Close enough? :D I don't know what it's called, but it's made of foam, so super light and easy to cut!
It's something to prevent tolders to bump their head on the table coners, you can probably buy it at some store that sells home furniture materials.

I wasn't sure if it would look nice if I just cover the whole thing so I cut it into pieces. 

Cut it into your wrist size, left 2-3cm so you can just slide it on your forearm/wrists.
Sew it in the back, tightest is the best. 

How it looks on the other side:

Then just sew the two side together. 

And I made 11 or maybe 12 until now. It easy but it takes a lot of time, but the result is the best.
(To me, it is)
And I don't know what's happening with my pictures, fml. 

Thanks for reading, I hope it was useful, and leave me a comment~ /o/


  1. This is AMAZING. Thank you! I literally needed to make something exactly like this but for another character. You have saved me so much headache over thinking how I'm going to do this. I know this is super old and you might not see it. But just in case you do, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

    1. Yes, this is very old and I'm glad that it's still useful to people. :) You're welcome! I'm on a cosplay hiatus but I will try to post some other tutorial.

  2. Sorry this is such a late comment but what's the best way to sew the ends together? Whenever i do it the ends keep wanting to come apart :(


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