Mwave shop order - Review (EXO Overdose + BOYFRIEND Obsession)

They had a Meet&Greet for BOYFRIEND second mini album Obsession, so I thought it was a good timing to try their service. (If you're wondering what is "Meet&Greet" thingy, they hold it for some artists during a period time and if you make a purchase on one of these albums, you can get it sign and even push your luck and get some presents.) 

I got mine signed by Donghyun, I hoped that I'd get it signed by one of my beloved twins, but guess you can't always get what you want, haha.
(By the way, I was sobbing in my mind when I saw my biais Kwangmin chose 5 winners and saw his cursor going over my profile pic 5 times but never cliking it)

I also bought EXO's Overdose, I could easily get this one in France, but actually I must say that all the price on french kpop shop was a bit higher compared to the original price.
(Well, it's always higher, sometimes it's only 2-3€ but sometimes it's much more like 5€ or even 10€ as for XOXO) I got mine for 13€ instead of 18€. Saved 5 bucks.

It's the first time I bought on Mwave shop, I made an order on June 11th and received it today: September 16th. So basically, it's a 3 months delay to receive your order.
Don't be surprise if they haven't shipped it after 1 or 2 month, because for my part I received a mail saying they shipped it around 2 weeks ago. The shipping itself is pretty quick though.

Pros: The prices! And it goes without saying that if you happen to have your favorite artists holding a Meet&Greet, it's even better.
Shipping fees are free over $30 purchase! (track is not free though but really cheap: $3)

Cons: Delay to receive your goods. They are really taking their sweet time to ship your things, I can understand that some make a huge ass order over 50 CDs on one go but.. 3 months is too long. 

Well if you're not in a hurry, I think it's a pretty nice deal! Worth to try at least once. :)
Hope that review was useful to you.
If you have some question about the Meet&Greet or else, drop a comment!


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