A day for myself

I haven't post for a long time because I was very sick for the past week then very busy to catch up everything I wasn't able to do while sick  but... it was my birthday! I'm officially 18. 
I didn't had class so I went and spent the day with my friend. 

We went to GUIBINE for lunch. It's a small korean restaurant located near to Opéra/Pyramide.
(And I must add that they're very nice so everytime we want korean food we just there)

As you can see, the friend is enjoying her large menu, when all I had was.... Bibimbap.

Uhmm.. We did nothing but shopping. I bought a lot of crap because "It's my birthday" such as some mangas, a design book of Brothers Conflict, I even ordered a artbook, a CD, a dress.
No need to say that I actually spent .. a lot. Like.. a lot.

And I ended my day with a Mont blanc from Aki Pâtisserie. 

I was wearing a almost full Liz Lisa outfit. It was too cold and the wind was strong so I didn't took off my jacket but ... (As you can see, my bang was running away from my face, lol)
Knitwear, shorts & coat: Liz Lisa
Over knee socks: Forever 21
Shoes: TEX

And if you're curious for the presents I received.
I got a lovely letter from my friend Jaira. 
And from the best friend a leopard printed bracelet. 

Nothing from other people and especially not from family because my mom had forgot her own daugther birthday. But well, it's not a big deal. *sigh* 


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